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10 Times The Media Completely LIED About President Trump!

It has become painfully obvious that the mainstream media, led by CNN and the New York Times, are out to get President Donald J. Trump.

In fact, they always have been.  Trump has been a running punchline in pop culture for decades, thanks to the envy his wealth and success have created.  The pathetic and pedantic attacks on his character are nothing new for the business mogul, but the constant derisiveness of the mainstream media has now reached fever pitch.

And while the 24-hour news cycle is designed to bury the media’s missteps under a mountain of new news, there are a number of outright lies maintained by the radical left’s propagandists that we can’t ignore.

#10:  Trump Unceremoniously Dumps Bowl of Food in Koi Pond

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We’ve all seen the infamous photograph in which it appears that the President has grown bored with the Koi pond ceremony during his meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and is just dumping an entire meal’s worth of food into the traditional pond.

Donald Trump
Not a great look.

But this is only half the story.  In the video below, you can see that Trump was merely following Abe’s lead in the Koi feeding tradition.

The media, however, ran with the unflattering photo in an attempt to make the President appear as some sort of ignoramus on the world stage…a theme that we will continue to explore on the coming pages.

#9:  POTUS and The First Lady Aren’t Exactly Smitten with One Another

The media has had an absurd, and frankly creepy obsession with the relationship between Donald Trump and wife Melania ever since the two stepped foot onto the political stage during the election of 2016.  While the overarching nonsense coming from the leftist media purports that Melania likely married Trump for money, and never wanted to be First Lady, that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Melania is absolutely invigorating in her work, belying and enthusiasm for the traditionally humanitarian bend of the First Lady’s agenda.

The media often turns to one particular video clip to attempt to prove their misguided point:

What the media isn’t telling you is that Melania was actually looking out for her hubby, hoping to save him from himself.  You see, Israel is a country of stern religious belief, where it could be seen as inappropriate for heads of state to engage in public displays of affection.

Melania’s worldliness is the President’s saving grace here.

#8: The Donald’s War with The FBI Will See Him Hanged

There is nothing more salacious to the leftist media than the idea of Donald Trump being impeached, removed, or possibly killed.  CNN’s own Kathy Griffin made that abundantly clear early in the President’s first term:

kathy griffin
Nope.  Just nope.

But what’s even worse is when the media attempts to pit the FBI against the President.

“One CNN commentator—former CIA guy Phil Mudd—actually threatened that the memo would set off a vendetta by the Deep State against our elected president: ‘So the FBI people, I’m going to tell you, are ticked. And they’re going to be saying . . . If you think you can push us off this because you think you can intimidate the director, you’d better think again, Mr. President. You’ve been around for 13 months. We’ve been around since 1908. I know how this game is going to be played. We’re going to win.’ It was almost as if Mudd were channeling The Onion’s satirical headline: ‘FBI Warns Republican Memo Could Undermine Faith in Massive, Unaccountable Government Secret Agencies.’”

In reality, Donald Trumps “drain the swamp” ethos is exactly what the FBI needs, given their long history of scandal and deceit, the accountability of the agency could certainly use a yuge shot in the arm from the Commander in Chief.

#7:  Trump is Constantly Defending Putin

Sprung from the mind of Hillary Clinton during her doomed democratic run for President in 2016, the idea that Donald Trump is a huge fan of shady Russian President Vladimir Putin has persisted long into the Commander in Chief’s presidency.

Not creepy at all, Vlad.

In reality, however, Trump has taken several major steps to punish the Russians, including a recent push to expel a number of Kremlin-based dignitaries from the U.S. after Putin’s cronies attempted to influence the U.S. election through the use of “fake news”.

“The Trump administration imposed sanctions on a series of Russian organizations and individuals on Thursday in retaliation for interference in the 2016 presidential election and other ‘malicious cyberattacks,’ its most significant action against Moscow since President Trump took office.

“The sanctions came as the United States joined with BritainFrance and Germany in denouncing Russia for its apparent role in a nerve-gas attackon a former Russian spy and his daughter on British soil, calling it a ‘clear violation’ of international law. But the joint statement said nothing about any collective action in response.”

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