Two Young Americans Killed Fighting ISIS Three Weeks Apart

Fox News reports that according to Denver-area parents, their son Jordan MacTaggart was reportedly killed fighting ISIS on August 3, 2016. He was the second volunteer fighter from Colorado to be killed by ISIS within three weeks.

Jordan went to Syria to fight ISIS and joined a squad that included two Americans and one Swede, and another Colorado native, Levi Shirley, 24. Shirley was reportedly killed by a land mine on July 14.

The parents of both men said they went to fight after hearing about the crimes against humanity ISIS was committing (beheadings, stabbings and sexual assaults.)

His parents Robert and Melissa MacTaggart, or Castle Rock, south of Denver, told the local news that Jordan, “had a huge heart and he was always affected by any injustice. It would hurt him, probably more than other people, like he couldn’t let it go.”

One of the fighters alongside Jordan called the MacTaggarts and told them by phone that Jordan had been shot in the chest while helping a wounded soldier. (Robert MacTaggart had followed the efforts of the Kurdish forces on the Internet and had been in contact with fighters in Syria to track his son’s well-being.)

Both Jordan and Levi left their Coloradan neighborhoods for a war zone because of what their parents described was their “unshakeable drive to right an injustice.”

Both fought in Syria, then returned home and again went back to keep fighting. This summer, however, they didn’t come home.

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