Syrian Rebels Accidentally Blow Themselves Up Taking a Selfie!

If these gentlemen are representative of our allies in Syria, then we’re going to have problems. The UK’s the Sun recently reported on a handful of bungling Syrian rebels who accidentally blew themselves up after one of their number tried to take a selfie of him and his friends with a cell phone that had been rigged to detonate an IED.

In a video of the small group of rebels from the Free Syrian Army, a group allied to the West, are seemingly enjoying some down time together, when there is suddenly a flash and an explosion. Just before the explosion, one of the men can be seen picking up a cell phone holding it above his head and then snapping a picture when suddenly there’s a brilliant flash of light, an explosion, and then a commotion.

Apparently, no one had informed the rebel Einstein that the phone was rigged to detonate their bomb. Big mistake.

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