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So Sweet: Couple Married for 63 Years Die Minutes Apart on Same Day [video]

“‘Til death do us part” took on a new meaning for a married couple of 63 years. They died minutes apart on the same day in the same room.

It wasn’t suicide, and it wasn’t the movie, “The Notebook.”

But it was, what one of their sons called, “a beautiful act of God’s providential love and mercy.”

Henry and Jeanette De Lange both died on July 31, 2016 in Platt, South Dakota.

Jeanette, 87, died first, after suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Her husband, 87, died roughly 20 minutes later, after he was told “mom’s gone to heaven.”


“We’re calling it a beautiful act of God’s providential love and mercy,” Lee De Lange told the CNN affiliate, KSFY. “You don’t pray for it because it seems mean but you couldn’t ask for anything more beautiful.”


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