SNL Legend Victoria Jackson Speaks Up to Defend Donald Trump!

Our friend and colleague Victoria Jackson has seen and done some amazing things during her lifetime. She was a recurring figure on Saturday Night Live in the 80’s and 90’s, she had some great roles in popular movies of the time, and she had a tremendous talent for making America laugh. Jackson is no longer a regularly seen member of the Hollywood world, but she has become a warrior for conservative values and a leader in the fight to save America from liberals. Her website,, is a hit among conservatives and we’re proud to call her a longtime friend of the Liberty Alliance.

Recently Jackson felt the need to defend Donald Trump from the media, Hillary Clinton, and the many accusers (most of whom seem tied to the Clinton campaign) Mr. Trump has been facing down of late.

In a post to her Facebook page Jackson had this to say about her brief acquaintance with Donald Trump:

For the Record:

I did a photo shoot with Trump in 1992 when we were both divorced and single. He was a complete gentleman and a professional. Gracious and polite. He didn’t say anything inappropriate or grab any part of my body. Just saying…for the record.

The following photo was taken in 1992 during a photo shoot featuring the SNL comedienne and the real estate mogul.



It was just a short photo session meant as part of the entertainment section of a magazine, and they aren’t lifelong friends, but as someone who knows and spent some time with Donald Trump, Victoria Jackson hasn’t seen the man that his accusers have claimed him to be. In her experience he was kind, gracious and a complete gentleman… which flies in the face of everything the media wants you to believe of him.

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