Single Vision: A Unique Wildlife Conservation Habitat [video]

Carl Bovard of Melrose, Florida, has a lot of large animals in his back yard. First, there were six tigers and two lions. Then he added leopards, panthers, bobcats, bears and other species of exotic animals, including reptiles. He doesn’t just care for animals, he wants to educate others about them as well.

Bovard founded Single Vision, a nonprofit wildlife education facility to raise awareness about endangered species and create a habitat for them to live safely. Educational field trips, tours, and off-site programs have helped teach visitors about these huge predators he’s rescued.

His biggest tiger is Samson, a Siberian tiger that weighs over 600 pounds and reaches over nine and one half feet tall standing on his back legs.

Nala, is his female lion who “comes out when you give her a soccer ball. She loves to play soccer and can move that 500 lb. body with more agility than you would expect.”

One caracal watches television with him.

These animals are quite beautiful and it’s a treat to witness them interact with Bovard.

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