Putin Refuses to Meet with Obama the Goat [VIDEO]

Photo Credit: Dmitry Mezentsev/Primorsky Safari Park, Russia

The Russian Primorsky Safari Park’s latest addition to its “rare, exotic, animals,” is an adopted black goat named “Obama.”

The derogatory term Russians use to insult an obstinate or obtuse person is, “koza,” which is Russian for “goat.”

Obama the goat came from a farmer in Sochi who named it after Barack Obama. The Park’s director,┬áDmitry Mezentsev, said that officials first tried to bring it to one of the residences of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin. But Putin’s office informed him that Putin “holds no meetings with goats.” Putin’s office also required the Park to guarantee “that Obama would bring no pests,” and “that Obama has no tapeworms etc.”

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