NYC comedy festival to charge higher fee to ‘second class citizens’

Maybe there is something to the liberal argument about how widespread discrimination continues to exist in twenty-first-century America. Hard as it is to imagine, a comedy festival in New York is discriminating against one group of citizens based on race, gender, and sexual preference by charging its members a separate — and higher — fee to submit their intellectual property.

And, it’s no laughing matter.

CBS New York reports:

The upcoming Cinder Block Comedy Festival is currently only accepting submissions from women, non-white applicants and members of the LGBTQ community — a move they say is an effort to curate a diverse lineup of performers.


“Having a token LGBTQ person of color woman, in a sea of white bearded men is not diversity,” the group proclaims in a video on the comedy festival’s website. “As an audience you deserve more than one point of view.”

The early-bird submission, running from Feb. 15 to March 15, also allows applicants to pay a cheaper fee of $19.25.

All other submissions, including ones from what festival organizers call “token bearded white dudes,” run from March 15 through April 15, with applicants paying a $25 submission fee. [Emphasis added]

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