MSNBC says Trump “Meets the Clinical Definition of Psychopath”!

If you raise concerns about Hillary Clinton’s health – mental or otherwise – you’re labeled a conspiracy theorist. Everyone knows that Hillary’s doctor already issued a clean bill of health for the Democratic nominee.

It was that clean bill of health that was the subject of commentary by Dr. Drew Pinsky who had said that it wasn’t just Hillary Clinton’s health that was of “grave concern” to him, but also the “1950-level” health care that she was receiving. Nine days later, Dr. Drew was informed that he was getting canned.

Then you had the Huffington Post contributor whose articles on the same topic got him banned from ever writing anything else for the left-leaning publication.

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There seems to be this unspoken rule that if you’re contributing in some way to a liberal media outlet, the subject of Hillary’s health is off limits. Unless it’s in the context of bashing others for believing in right-wing – or, excuse me – alt-right conspiracy theories.

But bringing up Donald Trump’s health? Oh, that’s totally fine.

According to MSNBC guest David Plouffe – who had headed up Obama’s 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns – Donald Trump “meets the clinical definition” of a “psychopath.”

Plouffe outlined Trump’s “symptoms”:  “Grandiose notion of self-worth, pathological lying, lack of empathy and remorse.” [Sounds like Hillary!]

Host Chuck Todd didn’t outright ban Plouffe from his show, but he did offer a word of caution about diagnosing a presidential candidate on-air. “You really think?” he asked Plouffe. “Diagnosing people on-air? I assume you don’t have a degree in psychology? Is that fair? We’re jumping to conclusions here, I think this is what gets voters a little frustrated with this campaign.”

Skip ahead to about 4:50 for the relevant comments:

Plouffe wasn’t the only one on MSNBC raising questions about Trump’s mental health. Over on “Morning Joe,” host Mika Brzezinski said that she’s been “asked so many times” about Trump’s mental state that it’s time for a professional to step in and make a diagnosis. “This is not something I’m making a joke about. I’m serious,” she added.

In the same segment, Joe Scarborough mentioned Plouffe’s “misdiagnosis” of Trump as a psychopath. Scarborough corrected Plouffe, offering “sociopath” as a more reasonable diagnosis.


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