Michael Moore Caught Sneaking into Trump Tower with Message for Donald Trump!

In its coverage of this spectacle last Saturday, the Daily Mail fails to do journalistic due diligence to the most salient aspect of the story. I mean, is there anyone still drawing breath who wouldn’t want to see a video, or at least a still image, of this rotund bag of waste scaling an elevator à la Arnold Schwarzenegger in his adventure-movie prime?

There are plenty of other pictures of Moore’s protest, including the rather sad-looking photo of him above. In it he is wearing his signature many-sizes-too-small baseball cap and standing amid fellow demonstrators who are much younger and many pounds lighter. In the end, he looks like a child in line for a kiddy ride who is told ultimately he’s too old and too big for the attraction.

Although he was ultimately denied audience with President-elect Trump, Moore tweeted out the vital message he had come to deliver…


Read the Rest of the Story at Liberty Unyielding.

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