This Massive Storm in Belgium is ORANGE and FRIGHTENING [video]

This storm in the skies of Belgium is like none storm chasers have ever seen.

The storm clouds are called, “Arcus,” which form an arc that spans across Knokke-Le-Zoute (the north sea of Belgium). The clouds are vertical, almost building a wall. As it moves a rain storm pours down behind it. These cloud formations and storms are apparently “relatively rare in Belgium.” But what makes this storm unique is also that it’s orange.

One Twitter user suggests the orange could be from Barium Sulfate that is sprayed into the sky (chem trails). Barium Sulfate is odorless and doesn’t dissolve in water. It’s chemical compound is most often used by medical professionals when performing CT scans or radiologic X-rays. It coats the esophagus, stomach or intestines to help diagnose specific health problems.

If it is Barium Sulfate, which government would be spraying this into the air, and why?

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