Hillary's Health Conspiracy

Hillary’s Health Conspiracy

Somebody put a fork in Hillary. She’s done.

Hillary Clinton collapsed at a 9/11 memorial event. She wasn’t wobbly or overheated, as MSNBC and her spokesmonkies put it. She was unconscious and had to be dragged into the car, losing a shoe in the process.

It’s time for the people around her to put her out to pasture for her own good, so she can recover and deal with the obvious health issues she’s facing, before they push her to death.

Hillary's Health Conspiracy
By Tad Cronn, Sept. 11, 2016


Tad Cronn

Tad Cronn began his journalism career in 1983. While he earned awards for his work as a reporter and editor, his greatest joy is writing news commentary. Providing a conservative and often humorous outlook on current events, he now works as a freelance writer based in California.

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