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Hillary Clinton 2015: A Year Of 111 Scandals, Lies, and/or Flip-Flops

From her email and Clinton Foundation scandals, to her flip-flops on immigration and profiling Muslims, 2015 was an interesting year for former first lady, senator, and secretary of state Hillary Clinton. Most of her cover-ups and policy changes were under-reported by the mainstream media or not reported at all.

Jeff Dunetz, publisher of the and other news sites, compiled 111 articles published in 2015 in which his team exposed a lie, scandal or flip flop Clinton expressed over the last year. Some occurred earlier in the year and may have been forgotten, others were sub-sets of other scandals.

This list, only scratches the surface of Hillary Clinton’s Scandals, Lies and Flip-Flops:

Date Story
1/20/15 Clinton State Department Waived Visa Ban for Democratic Donors
1/29/15 One of Taliban 5 Traded For Bergdahl Returns To Conflict (But Hillary Said They Weren’t Threat)
2/3/15 In 2008 Hillary Linked Autism To Vaccines #Grandmother’sGoingSenile?
2/25/15 Hillary and Clinton Foundation “Gamed” The Donation Restrictions System
3/3/15 Hillary Violated Federal Rules–Used Personal Email As Secretary of State
3/4/15 Video From 2007-When Hillary Slammed Bush WH For Using Private Emails
3/5/15 Hillary’s State Dept. Forced Out US Ambassador To Kenya For Using Private Email
3/5/15 Hillary’s Fake Email Transparency Obscures Her Lack Of Regard for National Security
3/9/15 Axelrod: Hillary’s ‘Given Oxygen To The Story By Not Just Coming Out’ And Explaining Emails
3/11/15 The Eight Biggest Lies Hillary Told At Her Email Press Conference
3/16/15 Hillary Changes Her Story On Deleting Personal Emails
3/27/15 Chuck Todd: Nothing [Hillary’s Loyal] Sid Blumenthal Does Surprises Me–Zero
3/27/15 Trey Gowdy: Hillary Wiped The Mail Server Clean
4/12/15 We Waited For THIS ???? Hillary Makes Announcement Via MEH Video
4/15/15 Hillary’s Email Scandal Just Got Worse
4/15/15 NOW?? Why Is Hillary First Hiring People Now To Develop Her Agenda?
4/16/15 Hillary Meets Iowa Dem. Leaders But First Makes Them Turn In Phones And Cameras
4/17/15 Chuck Todd: Hillary ‘Swung And Missed’ Her First Campaign Week
4/19/15 WOW! Even Mika Brzezinski Crapped All Over Hillary’s First Week
4/20/15 ‘Clinton Cash’ The Book Which May End the Hillary for President Campaign
4/23/15 NY Times Reports Clinton Foundation Donations May Have Allowed Russia To Buy Control Of US Uranium
4/24/15 Latest Scandal Eruption-> Pay Clinton Foundation For State Dept. Haiti Contract
4/24/15 Trey Gowdy To Clinton Lawyer: Here’s 136 Unanswered Questions About Hillary’s Email
4/26/15 WSJ And NY Times Warned About Hillary/Clinton Foundation & Kazakhstan Uranium In 2008
4/28/15 Hillary Voted For India Nuke Deal- Clinton Foundation Got Millions From Indian Politician
4/30/15 Video: In 2009 Hillary Promised That All Bill’s Foreign Donors Were Disclosed
5/4/15 Bill Clinton “Hillary Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That Donor”
5/6/15 Hillary Clinton In 2003: ‘I Am, You Know, Adamantly Against Illegal Immigrants’
5/7/15 Breaking Audio–Hillary Clinton In 2003: ‘I Am, You Know, Adamantly Against Illegal Immigrants’
5/11/15 Clinton Foundation Tried To Strong-Arm Charity Watchdog That Gave It Bad Rating
5/11/15 Team Clinton’s New Campaign Slogan ‘The Ends Justify The Means’
5/12/15 National Archives Inspector General Said Hillary’s Private Email Server Was A Concern
5/13/15 Despite Promise, Clinton Foundation Took Foreign Donations LAST WEEK!
5/14/15 ABC’s Mickey Mouse Move With Story George Stephanopoulos Hid Donations To Clinton Foundation
5/18/15 Clinton Crony-Foundation Employee Advised Hillary At State W/Bad Info From Libyan Biz Clients
5/18/15 Judicial Watch Documents: Obama and Hillary Were Lying About Benghazi From The Beginning
5/18/15 Progressives Getting Super Angry About Hillary’s Super PAC Hypocrisy
5/19/15 Ron Fournier: Hillary’s Email Excuse Is ‘From Old Clinton Playbook’ ‘Laughable’
5/19/15 Another Hillary Lie: Used Email Address At State She Said Didn’t Exist
5/20/15 Former Defense Sec. Bob Gates Throws Obama And Hillary Under The Bus
5/21/15 Emails Point To Sidney Blumenthal As Source of The Mohammed Video/Benghazi Story
5/22/15 New Emails Show Hillary Was Warned About A Benghazi Attack Year Before 9/11/12
5/22/15 Hillary Was Pushing For Tax Breaks To Benefit Clinton Library Donors
5/26/15 Bill Clinton Created Shell Company So Hillary Wouldn’t Have To Report Income In Financial Disclosure
6/1/15 Hillary Gave Sweetheart Arms Deals To Clinton Foundation Donors
6/2/15 Few Takers–So Hillary Allows Men Buy Tkts. To Event ‘Just For Women’
6/3/15 New Hillary Revelation: State Department Sold Toxicological Agents To Foundation’s Donor Nations
6/15/15 Former Israeli Ambassador To U.S- Obama Purposely Screwed Up Relationship W/Israel (With Hillary’s Help)
6/15/15 Afraid of Something? Hillary Campaign Bans “Pool Reporter” From Monday’s NH Events
6/23/15 Hillary Tries To Explain Scandal But Gets Decimated By Clinton Cash Author
6/26/15 State Dept.: Hillary Never Gave Us Blumenthal Emails (What Else Did She Omit?)
7/3/15 Refuting Hillary’s Ridiculous Claim- She Will NOT Be Better For Israel Than Obama: Here’s Proof
7/5/15 What Is Hillary Afraid Of?
7/8/15 Hillary Lied To CNN: House Committee Releases Subpoena She Claimed She Didn’t Get
7/9/15 Gowdy: There Were THREE Subpoenas-TWO Issued Way Before Hillary Destroyed Evidence
7/14/15 Hillary Clinton May Have Just Gotten Congressional Approval For The Iran Deal
7/23/15 Just As She Did With Mrs. Arafat, Hillary Wont Rebuke Questioner Who Slandered Israel
7/24/15 Inspectors General Ask DOJ For Criminal Inquiry Into Hillary’s Emails
7/30/15 Protecting Hillary? Kerry’s Trying To Delay State Dept. Email Release
7/30/15 Wow: Another Strange Hillary State Dept.-Clinton Foundation ‘Coincidence’
7/31/15 Intelligence Fears Hundreds Of U.S. Secrets Leaked In Hillary’s Private Emails
8/5/15 FBI Investigating Security Of Hillary’s Email Server, Morning Joe-Email Story Is Getting Uglier
8/11/15 At Least Two Emails On Clinton’s Server Were “Top Secret”
8/13/15 Judge Wants Hillary’s PERSONAL Emails–Intelligence Wants Her Security Clearance Suspended
8/17/15 Prosecuted For Mishandling Secret Info, Two Former Officials Ask, What About Hillary?
8/19/15 And Mika Too! Morning Joe Panel Eviscerates Hillary’s Handling Of Emails
8/19/15 Asked About Emails, Hillary Does A “Walk-off” Arm Wave
8/20/15 NBC News: Democrats Believe Clinton Staffers In Denial About Server Scandal
8/21/15 Team Hillary Trying To Blame Scandal On GOP, But Dems Freaking Out Anyway
8/24/15 State Dept. Never Told DHS About Hillary’s Server Despite The Rules
8/25/15 New Revelation-Hillary’s Emails Were Classified BEFORE She Received Them (And Remain Classified)
8/26/15 Undercover O’Keefe Video Shows Hillary Campaign Skirting Election Laws
8/28/15 Hillary Clinton HOW DARE YOU CALL ME A NAZI!!!!
8/31/15 Hillary’s Email Problems Getting Much Worse (Will She Blame The Email Server Fairy?)
9/8/15 Bad News For Hillary? Senate Offers Her ‘Server Guy’ Immunity
9/8/15 Special Intelligence Review Confirms Hillary’s Server Had Top Secret Emails
9/9/15 Hillary Clinton Makes Speech In Support Of (Awful) Iran Deal She Helped To Craft
9/10/15 Dept. Of Justice Covers Up For Hillary Clinton In Federal Court
9/17/15 Hillary Clinton Won’t Say If She Saw Planned Parenthood “Selling Baby Parts” Videos
9/17/15 Before It Was Revealed To Public She Had Them-State Dept. Asked Clinton To Destroy Classified Emails
9/28/15 ‘Meet The Press’ Runs Brutal Video Of Hillary’s Flip-Flops
10/1/15 In 2012 Hillary Clinton Also Bashed Romney’s Warning About Russia
10/2/15 Video: ‘Her Majesty’s Secret Server: For Hillary Clinton’s Eyes Only’
10/7/15 Hillary’s #2 At State Shared Now-Classified Info With Clinton Foundation
10/6/15 Clinton Email Scandal Grows: Server Company Worried About Being Roped Into Cover-Up
10/13/15 Hillary’s Server Wasn’t Just Vulnerable, It Was EXTRA-Vulnerable To Hackers
10/17/15 Democratic Party Committee Woman Says Party Mgmt’s In Tank For Hillary
10/20/15 White House & Hillary First Tried To Link Benghazi Attack To A Different Video
10/22/15 Hillary’s Latest Benghazi Lie: Attack Was Caused By A Low Budget
10/23/15 There Was Much New Info During Hillary’s Benghazi Testimony But It Won’t Hurt Her (Yet)
Hillary Caught Lying Again: State Denies 90%-95% Of Her Work Emails Already On Their System
10/24/15 Bob Woodward Explains How Hillary Is Like Nixon
10/30/15 Debunking the Media Lies About Hillary’s Benghazi Video Lie
11/3/15 Email Release Reveals Hillary’s Sidney Blumenthal Lies
11/4/15 RNC Scares Clinton Foundation Into Refiling Tax Returns
11/8/15 Lexis/Nexis Search Shows Mainstream Media Covering Up Hillary Clinton Scandal
11/10/15 If Politico Is Fair, Why Doesn’t It Vet Hillary Claim She Tried To Join Marines?
11/11/15 Clinton Doubles-Down On ‘Fishy’ Story That She Tried To Join Marines (Politico’s Silent)
11/12/15 FBI Expanding Clinton Email Probe Again, Investigating ‘Materially False Statements’
11/12/15 Hillary’s Mom Must Have Traveled Through Time & Five Other Underreported Clinton Lies
11/16/15 Hillary Gets Environmental Endorsement, Then Hops on Gas-Guzzling Learjet
11/16/15 Judicial Watch Releases Huma Abedin Email Where She Says Clinton’s ‘Often Confused’
11/16/15 Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street 9/11 Donor Gaffe Was Also A Lie (Then She Lied About The Lie)
11/18/15 Clinton Slams Comedians for Making Jokes About Her (Demands Their Personal Info)
11/24/15 Why Is The Laborers’ International Union Hiding Clinton’s Keystone Opposition From Its Members?
11/30/15 Clinton Used State Dept. To Speak With Corporate Donors, Political Supporters
12/8/15 Hillary: I Was Happy With Obama’s ISIS Address
12/11/15 MISSING: The State Department Emails Of Hillary Clinton’s Computer Guy
12/18/15 Documents Reveal Clinton Ignored State Dept. Security Warning Not To Use Blackberry
12/21/15 No Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Is NOT ISIS’ Best Recruiter
12/22/15 In 2001 Clinton Wanted To Profile Muslims. Was That An ISIS Recruitment Video?


Jeff Dunetz is Editor, Publisher, The Lid (, writes for, reports for, and is a political columnist for The Jewish Star.

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