HILARIOUS! Hook ‘Em Horns Texas Fans Opinions of Hillary Clinton Are EPIC [video]

It’s a well-known face that more liberals live, teach, and work in Austin, Texas than in anywhere else in the state. But an even more well-known fact is the massive amount of fans who come out to root for the Texas Longhorns.

Before a recent UT football game, this young reporter asked football fans what they thought of Hillary Clinton, and who were they voting for.

One classic Mexican American’s response: “She’s a killer.”

The most common response: “She’s a liar.”

When it comes to who they’d vote for, the response was pretty much the same: “anyone but Hillary” and “Donald Trump, because he’s honest.”

Democratic holdouts also appeared to be ashamed for even mentioning that they might vote for her.

But it’s pretty clear: no one in this liberal town likes Hillary Clinton.

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