Trump and Clinton

Donald Trump Taking the “Kid Gloves” Off Against Hillary!


Hillary Clinton better be preparing because Donald Trump is coming for the Democrat candidate for President. During a speech in Colorado Springs, Colorado Mr. Trump warned Clinton that he was done being “nice” and she better be read for a fight.

“I’m taking the gloves off. Take the gloves off. Right?”

“I’ve been saying let’s just beat her on Nov. 8. But you know what? You know what? I’m starting to agree with you,” he told the crowd. “I’ll tell you. Sorry to say.”

“Tell Hillary I’m not gonna be nice anymore… I’ve been very nice to her. So you ready? Actually, some of the folks I defeated they probably would say, ‘Boy, he was not very nice.’”

“They keep screaming. And you know what I do? I’ve been nice. But after watching that performance last night — such lies — I don’t have to be so nice anymore.”

Here’s the full speech:


Onan Coca

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