The Best Moments of the 2nd Presidential Debate: Guess Who Won?

The second presidential debate was much anticipated, particularly in the wake of the recent media furor over Donald Trump’s decade old lewd remarks. However, if the media was hoping for Trump to implode, they were sorely disappointed. In the immediate moments after the debate a realization seemed to crystalize among most of the media punditry — that Donald Trump was the likely winner of Sunday night’s bout.

Trump was better prepared than he was in the first debate, he did not get flustered by the pressure, and he kept the focus and the fire on Hillary Clinton.

One of our friends and colleague, the hilarious Tim Young, took note of some awesome moments during the second presidential debate and perhaps the bet moment was this one…

The one moment that may have inspired more social media commentary than the “you’d be in jail” line, took place when a fly chose to take a rest on Hillary Clinton’s forehead…

Here was some of the other debate night reaction:





And finally…


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