Back to School: Here Are the Top 20 Colleges Where America’s Most Liberal Students Attend

The Princeton Review recently released its 62nd annual college rankings lists “entirely based on what students attending the schools in our Best Colleges book” said about their colleges and experiences at them. 

The list of colleges where the most liberal college students attend is based on students’ answers to the survey question: “Politically, are you left-wing, Democrat, middle, Republican, right-wing?”

The Top 20 Colleges with the Most Liberal Students Are:

  1. Sarah Lawrence College
  2. Bennington College
  3. Marlboro College
  4. Reed College
  5. Ithaca College
  6. Earlham College
  7. Scripps College
  8. Grinnell College
  9. Bard College
  10. Warren Wilson College
  11. Oberlin College
  12. Mills College
  13. College of the Atlantic
  14. Whitman College
  15. Hamilton College
  16. Carleton College
  17. Clark University
  18. Mount Holyoke College
  19. Skidmore College
  20. Brown University

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